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This is the first draft of Scout! I am experimenting with 3rd person controllers in unity and thought what I ended up with was a good. It currently has no objectives, but you can roam arouund a big bandit camp and can play punch, kick, roll, hurt, die, etc. The idea is for me to make it multiplayer and add weapons, turning it into an RPG. Updates will roll out so remmember to check in. Please tell me if you like it so I can start working on it more.

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Published20 days ago
Tags3D, Action-Adventure, Action RPG, Medieval, Third Person
Average durationA few seconds


Scout.app.zip (63 MB)


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also, you should add a keyboard system, instead of just clicking what to do

Thanks, I am fretting a bit because the player + animations came in a free package that had certain restrictions on it. I think I will have to just redo the player by myself. Since this is a prototype and I am just toying with the idea of an RPG, I think it would not be late to turn it into a shooter. Kind of like Ravenfield, but with multiplayer. What do you think?

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I think that a mix of raven field and multiplayer would be perfect, although it is your choice of whether to turn it to a RPG or a shooter. Of course there are also different options for those types of games, like first or third person, a story/campaign game, or more of an area based game, or also things like open world/survival. I think that whatever type of game you make though, will have the potential to be an amazing. Lastly, you could make some sort of RPG shooter, where you could choose different paths to unlock different types of guns, such as a scout path that would have more sniper/carbine guns, or an assault path that would have more AK-47 or famas type of guns. Or, even a 1800's path with crossbows, muskets, and flintlock pistols.

Thanks for the suggestions. I will definitly try to implement the paths. I am planning to build a basic versions, then add a ton of features every now and then.

Good luck! 😉

I like it very much, but a menu screen would be nice